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30 October 2010

Catch Him and Keep Him

About the Book: "Catch Him and Keep Him", Men are from Mars...or so we keep being told this. We will read more books on the issues of exactly what makes the male mind tick and still not quite get it.
“Catch Him and Keep Him” is an excellent roadmap with very clear instructions for any reader. It will hit you with a few speed bumps or in other words very harsh, eye opening facts that some may not like to relate to. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Ladies this is it, this book will give you what every women has been searching for throughout generations. This book will definitely take you where you need to go in regards to getting the man of your dreams, and keeping him. You will learn when to bring up the issues on commitment and when not to. You will learn strategies that as simple as they sound, really do work. Bottom line, learn to understand your opposition and how they think.
You will find many keys to many doors that open up the minds of men, such as:
-“The 3 deadly mistakes women make with men without ever realizing it..”
-“Your Secret weapon for Success with men...”
-”Secrets Men wish you knew-but don’t know how to tell you...”
-”Why guys fall for some women and not others...”
-”A way to get a mans attention fast...”
This book will teach its reader how men view love, relationships, and attraction. Along with how to get a man to understand a woman’s perspectives and desires without chasing him away. Women will gain a vast knowledge on how to identify the reasons behind their own attraction for a certain type of man and also how to recognize a mans, ”relationship Potential”. Women will learn to strengthen their own,” Emotional Fitness and learn to accept who they are which in turn will gain them confidence in their self-esteem. Self-esteem being one of the most valuable keys to winning that man of your dreams.
Catch Him and Keep Him, will open your mind to what a player is and how to see negative traps that are set with outward appearances rather then actual inward personality. You will learn to understand your own desires and motivations in your strategies in catching that man of your dreams. To know the male mind is to gain a few points in the game of courtship, which is as important as being aware of what is called,” The fairytale Syndrome” in this book is another very good point to have on your side.
You will read about certain Myths that relate to males and females being,” The helpless women Myth” and, “The Myth that men want only one thing”.
The author uses quotes and questions to make his points more clear to his reader and he does it very well, such as : “Are men emotional deadbeats or are women too emotionally charged (or as men would like to believe, hysterical)?” “Have you ever been swept off your feet by a man that you just met, only to learn that he wasn’t as interested in being with you as you were led to believe”?
“Have you ever felt a strong connection with a dominant, powerful, and unavailable man?”
“So why do men become more attracted to selfish women or bitches?”
“if you have a man in your life, what do you expect from him right now?”
A quote by Aristotle: “It’s more like learning to have the rare skill to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way.”
“If a guy doesn’t know what he wants, he generally doesn’t want what he’s got” A very good quote and well said by the author, Christian Carter.

1 comment:

  1. I am so grateful that this book was posted on your site. I would not have been able to buy it !! but find myself in a pickle and at the end of my rope to understand the behavior of the man my heart fell in love with!! So hopefully this book "catch him and keep him" helps me to say some things that safes the day...
    Heartful thank you to who posted this book on your site ...
    Best Renee H.


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